The Ultimate Piano Improvising & Arranging Course for folks who want to play BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE hymns
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The Ultimate Piano Improvising & Arranging Course for folks who want to play BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE hymns

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Learn To Improvise  &  Arrange The Great Hymns
& Gospel Songs You Love!

Unlock the Secrets To Playing Full & Colorful Gospel Piano – Learn how to Transform Hymns from the Hymnbook into full-blown BEAUTIFUL and EXCITING arrangements!

  • Play Piano For Church, Or Want To? This Is the EXACTLY The Course You Need!

  • Duane's Monthly Crash Course on Creatively Improvising & Arranging Hymns & Gospel Songs!

  • Unlock the Secrets To Playing Full & Colorful Gospel Piano

  • Learn how to Transform Hymns from the hymnbook into full-blown BEAUIFUL and EXCITING arrangements!

  • Four brand-new videos every month, plus lots of bonus material, demonstrating in GREAT DETAIL and SLOW MOTION EVERY SINGLE NOTE of the songs you will be learning to arrange and improvise!

Dear Friend:

     This is your invitation to the ultimate piano improvising and arranging course for folks you want to play beautiful and unique hymns and gospel songs.

     We're going to learn to play the great hymns of the faith, we have a hymn of the month video training program with me and we're going to take a different hymn every month. We'll cover all the great hymns like "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", "Fairest Lord Jesus" and on and on. We'll take one hymn per month and we'll master it.

     Each month, you'll get four videos. Four videos online that you can watch and study, along with the sheet music of course, and you're going to master each song phrase by phrase. It's really a crash course on creative improvising and arranging hymns and gospel songs.

     We're going to unlock the secrets to playing full and colorful gospel piano and transforming hymns from the hymn book into full blown beautiful and exciting arrangements.

     Four brand new videos every month, plus lots of bonus materials, demonstrating in great detail and slow motion, every single note of the song you'll be learning to arrange and improvise on. You'll look down and see my hands play in very slow motion, chord by chord, note by note.

     Then at the end of that month, actually at the start of the next month, you'll get a complete sheet music arrangement of the song we just learned to play. You'll be able to play a full arrangement of that song at the end of that month.

     At the end of the year, you'll have 12 songs. If you stay with me for more than one year, you'll have 24 or 36 or 48 or for however long we go.

     It's going to be an exciting, an exciting program so I urge you to sign up right away and I'll look forward to it. We'll see you then.



 Here's What You'll Get Week By Week

  • Join Duane’s exclusive group for learning Praise & Worship songs in the style you’ve always dreamed playing.

  • Week One: You will get two videos - on the first one we analyze the song thoroughly - the key, the form, the chords, etc. The second video we will master the improvisation on the first phrase - note by note, chord by chord, and get the arrangement of the first entire phrase down cold.

  • Week Two: We will then learn the next phrase and master it - note by note, chord by chord, technique by technique. At the end of week two you should be able to play the entire song - but hold on - we're not done yet!

  • Week Three: We will learn some variations we can use in the song - some different techniques or styles - depending upon the song - so you can play the song  through twice without exactly duplicating the first version.

  • Week Four: Putting it all together into a complete arrangement - the finished product - you can use as a solo, offertory or however you like. You are now ready to move on to the next hymn where you will learn different techniques you can then use to "cross-polinate" your improvisations and arrangments into your own, unique style!

  • Bonus at the start of next month! You will get a finished piece of sheet music of our completed arrangement & improvisation of the song that you just completed (I don't include it in this month's lesson because I know the tendency of people to look ahead).

Each month you will get ONE song but with 4 weekly assignments.
Click on the video below for a  walkthrough of what we will cover each week:


We will start with“What a Friend We Have in Jesus” then move on to “Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing” the next month, and so on.

Here are a few of the Most Loved hymns. We will cover many of these as the months go by:

Month 1 – What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Month 2 – Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Month 3 – Nothing But The Blood of Jesus
Month 4 – It is Well With My Soul
Month 5 – Fairest Lord Jesus
Month 6 – May Jesus Christ Be Praised
Month 7 – His Eye is on the Sparrow
Month 8 – Amazing Grace
Month 9 – Like a River Glorious
Month 10 – Holy, Holy, Holy Medley (3 Songs)
Month 11 – At Calvary – Trust and Obey Medley (2 songs)
Month 12 – “When The Roll” – “When We All Get To Heaven” – Medley (2 songs)

….and on and on. At this point I don’t know how long the program will run – at least for a year but much more likely for two, three, four, or even five years. You can drop out at any time, of course, but I don’t think you’ll want to, since your repertoire of songs will be growing exponentially over that period of time.

     I have purposely kept the tuition for the program EXTREMELY LOW  so that everyone who wants to play hymns and gospel songs for their church or small group can afford to participate. When each month's hymn is done, I will package it up along with all the videos and the printed improvisation of the song and make it available to the general public for about $100. But for those of you who see the value in learning a different hymn month by month and join our gospel membership program, you can save OVER HALF PRICE and get everything for only $47. per month!

Order Now!

Your initial charge will be $47.  You will then be charged $47/month for 11 months
after your initial charge has been made


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can drop out of the program anytime - but why would anyone want to do that? You will be turning yourself into a real, live improvising and arranging machine - you'll be able to apply what you learn on one song into hundreds of others!

P.S.: Sign up today and you can get started RIGHT NOW on the first week! There is NO benefit in waiting - get started learning right now and by this time next month you should have your first song pretty well under your belt!

Remember! When you have completed the course - all 12 monthly lessons - you will receive this beautiful printed book of all of the 12 arrangements (some of which are medleys of 2 or 3 songs) in sheet music format at NO CHARGE. But - you MUST complete all 12 lessons!

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